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a while ago I’ve made another seblaine disney!AU. I know that I won’t make it better anytime soon, so here we go, I’ve made Sebasian’s hair red, everything else just doesn’t matter. 

Blaine looks weird but meh… he’s in the bubble you know

and don’t underestimate the importance of “body language" ha!  (c)

Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey during Season Four filming. 

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So fucking furious. Todaywent from meh, ok - to fucking horrible. I’m so angry and trying to remain calm. 

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yo mama jokes don’t work very well here


Today’s outfit!

Jewellery is 7/16 GWS jellies in my ears and an Industrial Strength clicker in my septum.

Also featuring my favourite scarf and an awesome new shirt!


hey so i know this is tumblr and we all have a lot of different opinions but

fuck wasps

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i pride myself on knowing all the lyrics to eiffel 65’s Blue

natalia-romanova asked: gambit or deadpool?

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"My love, you have my heart for all eternity and if… if I die in that arena my last thought would be of your lips.”

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