Alright folks,
I want you to meet Dennis. He’s a huge lover of comics, (as you can tell from his awesome PJs!) And I recently found his story through Facebook. 

He’s a 55 year old man, and he has a mental and physical disability, with terminal cancer. The doctors say he has about 6 months to live, so his close friends really want to make Christmas special for him this year, and the idea is to send him a Christmas card, with a picture of a superhero character that you cosplay, signed as that character. 

If you want to contribute to this, or ask any questions related to this, then you can contact James Fipps on Facebook. 

Now I don’t know these people, but I really wish I did. They seem to be wonderful people, and Dennis is such a strong person, I hope he has the best Christmas of his life this year! 

Thank you for reading this, please do try and share this with all the Marvel & DC friends you have. Have a Super Christmas guys!